Dear Mary,

Have you encountered Mr. or Ms.Potty mouth at work? Even when you least expect it!

Yep, they’re in your office. Everyone slips up once in a while, but a constant barrage of F bombs, the S word and the MF word is too much.

It’s impolite at a minimum and on the harassment spectrum for certain. What happens when people don’t take it seriously, make a joke out of it or worse just shrug it off?

And what if complaints go unheard?

In one case, the tables were turned. The complainer received a bad review and was under extreme performance scrutiny, just to cover up a potty mouth  problem which would  embarrass the company.

A bar of soap placed on the chair of Mr. Potty Mouth only enraged him more, and everyone in the office laughed, except for one.

Hear how to deal with this and other bad behaviors in my next workshop, coming up March 14.

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I am thrilled to see you again, so don't wait to join in!




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